A quick hello!

Welcome to MOJO!

Hannah Shucksmith and Abi co-founded MOJO at the beginning of 2020 having worked together for three years previously on and off. Abi starting as an intern for Hannah’s jewellery and coaching biz, then part time employee, then freelancer and finally… biz partner!

Hannah and Abi are so excited about the potential for MOJO for everyone!

Hannah had a crash in her mental health in her late 20’s. She’d been avoiding engaging with the important stuff. A year out of life, plenty of therapists and meds later and she was back in the game. But the game could never look the same again.

Hannah has committed to investing in her mental wellbeing for life. She wants to help make it easy for others to do the same.

Everyone cares about physical health. Caring about and talking about mental health needs to be normalised. Hannahs mission is to help with just that.

With MOJO we’re inviting you to…

Invest in yourself, invest in your wellbeing, and live your best life.

Thank you for being here, reading til the end, and joining us on this journey!

Abi & Hannah