Pop your MOJO Motherhood Box

1 x A6 Pop your MOJO Motherhood Journal 

1 x A5 Limited Edition 'Got my MOJO' Notebook & Gold pen

1 x A5 Progression Planner Journal

1 x Pack of 4 Journal/Diary MOJO Stickers

2 x Share the Love Cards (selected by us)

1 x Mood Manager Pack - 10 cards

Being a Mother can leave you feeling exhausted & guilty for prioritising your needs. 
Feel nourished & valued with the package that gives you permission to prioritise yourself.
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Pop your MOJO Motherhood is a journal full of visual prompts to support you on your growth as we guide you to actively engage with all important areas of your life. 

1 x A6 Booklet, 36 Pages

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1 x Special Edition Embossed Journal

1 x Gold Pen

Our journals contain lots of prompts which you can continue to use throughout the year. We've designed this lined journal so you have more space to repeat any MOJO prompts that resonated with you. 

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The Progression Planner enables you to set quarterly goals. It is designed to be like a 1-1 coaching session full of questions ensuring you choose congruent goals and create a realistic action plan to achieve them. 

1 x A5 Booklet, 64 Pages

worth £15
" I'm loving it.. I found that The Progression Planner has helped me realise my strengths & helped me re-evaluate what's important. It's inspired me to change.. given me the drive & focus to search for masters courses & apply for new jobs."
- Alice K
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1 x Pack of 4 A6 Sticker Sheets

worth £6

Journal prompts, diary reminders & MOJO symbols - all designed to enrich your relationship with putting pen to paper.

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We love getting a little MOJO pick-me-up through the door from a friend that's thinking of us, so we designed these cards so you can do exactly that for a friend or loved one.

2 x A6 Greetings Cards & Envelopes

Cards selected by us from Share The Love collection

worth £6
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1 x Pack of 10 Mood Manager Cards

worth £6.50

Notes from your clear, calm headed self. The pocket tool to keep in your handbag or stick on the fridge to help you engage with what helps you feel how you want to feel and what hinders that- empowering you to make great choices!

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Level up your Pop your MOJO Motherhood with this stunning LOVE bracelet, designed by Hannah Shucksmith as part of the BE Collection. You deserve to treat yourself.

1 x Sterling Silver Love Bracelet