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22nd - 24th May 2020


A bit more info:

Thanks for applying to be a part of this exciting virtual event in May. We are thrilled you are joining us. We will be emailing you with updates, but we will also use this page as a Hub for any FAQ's and image/asset downloads. 

A little bit about us: 

We are Hannah & Abi, your MOJO Managers. We create monthly journaling prompts to help Mamas on their journaling journey. (Coming soon!)

We are all about Mamas joining together and celebrating themselves, which is why we are launching this exciting pop-up shop and event.


Mamas who

together, stay together.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay to be part of this pop-up shop?

No, you don't! We are running this event as we want to celebrate the small businesses that create products and services that help Mamas feel good. We think collaboration is so important at the moment, and this gives us a chance to show off our businesses and connect our audiences together.

Where will the event be held?

The online pop-up shop will be created as a webpage that highlights each business involved, with links to your shop pages/websites. This link will be emailed out first thing on Friday 22nd May to the Pop your MOJO! subscribers and will include the promo code for each participating business. The other aspects of the event such as the live streams, interviews etc. will all be hosted on our Instagram page - @monthlymojo

How will the event be promoted?

We will continue to push the event across our social media channels, and we would love you to do the same, however we will be running an Instagram/Facebook ad campaign (Abi, our Social Media Manager is a Facebook Ad whizz!) in the weeks leading up to the event. This is a collaborative event, and we would love as many people to get involved as possible, and as many Mamas to see your products/services as we can - so please join in with us and shout about this fantastic event!

What else do I need to do from now?

It's time to promote the event! It's great to be a part of a collaboration like this, and we really believe we can spread some joy to Mamas everywhere, so we will be creating assets for you to share over your social channels in the build up to Friday 22nd May. If you agreed to offering a promotion/discount during the Pop your MOJO! weekend we will be in touch soon to discuss this further, and if you stated that you were interested in taking part in a live stream or video interview, we will also be in touch!

Do you have any assets/imagery I can share?

Yes! Thanks for asking. We have created a Google Drive Folder which we will continue to update over the lead up to the event, we will email the link to you every time we add updated imagery. (If you would like us to design something specifically for your business, please let us know by messaging us on Instagram, or emailing Abi at

If you have any more questions, please message us on Instagram or email

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