Monthly MOJO

£10 Launch Price!

Pop your MOJO journal is a tool to support you on your growth as an individual and as a mother. Start your journaling journey here with a taster of Monthly Journal, the life coach through your letterbox. 
In Pop your MOJO we introduce you to all 12 themes that we we cover in MOJO, each of which comes under one of these main catagories; Work, Health, Relationships and Restoration. 

It is easy to feel like we've 'lost' at least a part of ourselves when we become mothers with the step away from our career, freedom, finances.... That doesn't need to be the case. MOJO is designed to help you address all these key areas of your life and ensure you are living them on purpose still feeling like the empowered woman you were  - whilst you're a mother. Pop your MOJO will introduce you to this empowering journey!

Monthly MOJO will be hosting all live streams this weekend!


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